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I am deeply troubled by the direction of our Country under the Liberal Government and feel it is time we speak up and act before it is too late.

Improving Our Standard of Living

As a conservative, I believe that people should have money left in their pocket to spend and save as they choose. But in recent years, costs and taxes have kept rising, without a corresponding increase in our quality of life. The cost of everything is going up. Heating. Food. Housing. Gas. Governments can and must do better. I was raised in a family where my father worked long hours and my mother raised the kids. Like many they struggled to pay the bills with four children and sometimes had to choose which bills to pay that month. My parents worked hard to strive for a better life for their children. I understand how those striving for a better life feel like they are going backwards.

I believe that good government starts with a respect for every taxpayer dollar paid. I believe that the current tax burden is too high, and I would work to make life more affordable for all Nova Scotians through lower taxes. That includes opposing the tax on carbon which unfairly punishes the most vulnerable in our community because it targets essentials to living - transportation, heating and food. It unfairly harms Maritimers who have no choice but to heat with oil or electricity. Bernadette Jordan’s new tax does nothing to improve climate change – it makes life more difficult and unaffordable for all of us.

Lastly, I believe that Canada needs an actual plan to balance the books and ensure that our children and grandchildren are not left to pay the bill. It is irresponsible to spend more than we take in. Life is not better because of runaway Liberal deficits.

Respect for Small Businesses

Most of the jobs and living that happens in South Shore-St. Margaret’s is driven by the ability of small businesses to succeed. Our fishermen, our farmers, our Christmas tree growers, our tourism operators are the heart of our ability to live in this most beautiful part of Nova Scotia. Bernadette Jordan and the Trudeau government called these small business owners tax cheats who take advantage of loopholes. They prosed increasing their taxes by more than 30%! This type of harm to our small businesses drives people out of our community reducing our economic prosperity and ultimately making government services weaker.

My first full-time job was during my time at University where I managed five bars in one very large restaurant. I learned early in my life growing up what it means to make a payroll and keep a small business afloat.  I learned about customer service, and about the added pressures of taxes, red tape, and bureaucratic regulation. This is what made me a Conservative.
Reversing the harmful increased taxes that our MP and her government imposed will be job one if I am privileged to be chosen your MP.

Improving Opportunity

Too many of our children must leave Nova scotia to earn a living. I too left the province after high school, first to go to University, and second to work. Opportunities for me over my working life took me to Toronto, Ottawa and Alberta like many Nova Scotians. Luckily, I was able to return 16 years ago to work and live back home.

We need to improve economic opportunity here at home.  This begins with better opportunities for small businesses to create jobs. But it also begins by recognizing that our greatest competitive advantage as a province is our natural resources. The sustainable development of these resources needs to be a priority for our elected officials. We simply don’t have the luxury of refusing to develop these resources forcing our people to go work in these same industries out west.

Rights, Freedoms and Respect for Our Military

Canada has a long and rich history of defending freedom and justice in the world.  We stand up for our values of free speech, free association and equality of all.

I respect and admire our veterans and armed forces and all people in uniform. My great Uncle served and was wounded in WW1; my grandfather served during World War II and my second cousin Everett Borgald from Chester Basin was killed in action in France in 1944 at the age of 21. The Chester Basin Legion is named in his honour, where I am a member. Our men and women in uniform keep our country safe and ensure its security for generations to come. I will stand up for a safe and secure Canada by ensuring our military has the resources it needs.

Improving Our Representation

From 1988 until 2015, our MP has had two offices available to residents to call on to help with their issues- Bridgewater and Barrington. With the 2015 election the riding was made larger in geography and population making it one of the largest in size in Atlantic Canada. The result is that our MP received a larger budget to do their work. However, our Liberal MP, Bernadette Jordan, closed the office in Barrington at a time when she should have not only kept it opened, but added an office in St. Margaret’s Bay.

The people of our community when they need help from our MP, need to be able to access the resources of that MP when they need it without having to drive more than an hour to two hours to get to the only office she has in Bridgewater. An MP must spend time in Ottawa and as a result needs to provide a strong network of staff to help people in our community when they need it not when the MP visits their community only.

I am also concerned that our Liberal MP has reduced the services to help our community by reducing the offices our MP has open for constituents. I believe that serving our community and making sure the MP’s resources are as accessible as possible is the primary role for our MP.

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