Tax-Free Home Heating

Heating your home in the winter isn’t a luxury for Canadians. It is a necessity. With our long, cold winters it can get very expensive, which puts a significant strain on family budgets.

Currently, the federal government doesn’t tax most basic necessities.

But it does charge tax on home heating.
A Conservative government, led by Andrew Scheer, will remove the GST from home heating and energy bills, which will save Canadians on average $107 per year.

Under Andrew Scheer’s plan, Canadians will not only save on the cost of the federal tax on their home heating and energy bills, they will also save hundreds of dollars more each year after he cancels Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax.

Canadians should have a government that helps people achieve their dreams, not a government that stands in the way.

Conservatives have a proud legacy when it comes to protecting Canada’s natural environment and improving Canada’s environmental performance.

And Andrew’s plan – A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment – builds on this proud legacy.
These new policies will further lower Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen environmental protections – without taking money out of Canadians’ pockets.

It is built on three policy principles:

1. Green technology, not taxes
2. A cleaner and greener natural environment
3. Taking our fight against climate change global

A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment is Canada’s best chance to meet the Paris targets, without a carbon tax.

National Energy Corridor

Our energy sector and the people working in it have faced tough times under this Liberal government.

Before Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, we had three private companies willing to invest more than $30 billion to build three, nation-building projects that would have created tens of thousands of jobs and generated billions in economic activity.

Those companies continue to invest in pipelines elsewhere in the world.

Just not in Canada.

That’s why Andrew Scheer has come up with a six-point action plan that will strike down the barriers Justin Trudeau has created, and get pipelines built:

1. Cancel the carbon tax
2. Repeal Bill C-69, the No-More-Pipelines Bill
3. End the B.C. shipping ban
4. Establish timelines for approvals
5. Eliminate foreign interference in the approvals process
6. Invoke federal jurisdiction when necessary

A National Energy Corridor would move Canadian oil, gas, electricity, telecommunications, and potentially anything else that runs along the ground, across the country. This is crucial for our ability to create wealth, prosperity, and opportunity for all Canadians.

We have had these legacy projects before, and an Andrew Scheer-led government will spearhead the effort to get them done again.

Protecting Our Children

As a father of five, Andrew Scheer is passionate about protecting children, and ensuring that their rights come first.

That’s why an Andrew Scheer-led Conservative government will always put the safety of children first and ensure that those who seek to harm them will face the full weight of Canada’s justice system.
We will ensure that victims’ voices are heard and that sentences for sexual crimes against children take into account the length and severity of the abuse by adding aggravating factors to the Criminal Code.

And we will end the practice of giving those who harm children a mere slap on the wrist, and instead ensure that anyone who is convicted of a serious sexual offence against a child serves at least 5 years in prison.

Canada’s Conservatives will ensure that our justice system reflects the worth and value of every Canadian child.

Combatting Human Trafficking

In Canada, human trafficking is – shockingly! – on the rise.

In fact, over the last five years in Toronto alone, police have dealt with more than a thousand cases of human trafficking.

More than a quarter of which involved someone under the age of 18!

But for the last three and a half years, human traffickers have received the message that fighting their crimes is not a priority.

A Conservative government, led by Andrew Scheer, will ensure that prosecutors have the strongest laws behind them to keep human traffickers off our streets, away from survivors, and away from those that traffickers seek to harm.

Andrew’s plan builds on the previous Conservative Government’s National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking, a plan that Justin Trudeau’s government callously cancelled.

We will put survivors first and keep human traffickers off our streets!

All Canadians deserve to feel safe where they live and know that their government takes heinous crimes seriously.

New China Policy

Once again, Justin Trudeau is failing to stand up for Canada.

Canadian farmers are now paying the price for Justin Trudeau’s weak leadership towards the government in Beijing.

• Canada has already lost Chinese market access for canola and soy.
• China has now blocked ALL meat products exported from Canada.

Trudeau has not found a solution for the two Canadians facing death who were illegally detained by the Chinese government.

And he still has not appointed a new Canadian ambassador to China after 5 months.

Justin Trudeau is failing on the world stage, and Canadians are paying for it.

Canadians can’t afford another four years of Justin Trudeau’s incompetent and weak leadership.

Immigration Plan

Canada is the greatest country on earth.

It is built on a rock-solid foundation of enduring values, democratic institutions, the rule of law, and fundamental and universal human rights. We absolutely must protect these values — because they are what set us apart.

They allow Canada to offer what so many other countries simply cannot: the freedom to preserve and pass on their cultural traditions; and the opportunity to live in peace with those around them; and the economic freedom that so many governments around the world deny their people.

But with each passing day, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals undermine this proud legacy.

In four years, they have not only undone the progress the previous Conservative government made to strengthen our immigration system — they have managed to undermine the long-standing consensus that immigration is indeed a positive thing for this country.
Sadly, under Justin Trudeau, a record-high number of Canadians believe that immigration should be reduced.
Like you, Conservatives have questioned the current government’s ability to preserve the integrity of our immigration system.

Justin Trudeau and his ministers responded how they always do when confronted with criticism: with more rhetoric and personal attacks.

Conservatives will restore fairness, order, and compassion to the immigration system.

As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer will:

• Work to immediately restore fairness, order, and compassion in our immigration system
• Put an end to illegal border crossings at unofficial points of entry like Roxham Road
• Close the loophole in the Safe-Third Country Agreement that allows some people to skip the line and avoid the queue
• Safeguard and emphasize economic immigration
• Set immigration levels consistent with what is in Canada’s best interests
• Stand up for families and ensure that spouses and children can be reunited
• Improve language training
• Ensure that our system prioritizes people facing true persecution
• Improve credential recognition and make it easier for new Canadians who have existing skills that meet our standards to ply their trades here
• Work to reunite survivors of genocide, who have already resettled in Canada, more expeditiously
• Bring back the Office of Religious Freedom so that we can protect our shared humanity and promote interest in the dignity of all people
• Promote the private sponsorships of refugees

Conservatives have cleaned up Liberal messes in immigration before and we are prepared to do it again… with fairness, order, and compassion as the pillars of our efforts.

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